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It’s that time of year again when it’s starting to get cold in Portland and I know State of Search is just around the corner. Ever since I was first invited to speak there in 2013, State of Search has been one of my favorite multi-track conferences. It’s a great environment, tons of fun, and full of some of the highest caliber speakers in the industry. I’m literally blown away every year by who they get to come on stage. If you have the means, I’d strongly suggest attending. That is, if you can still get a ticket for this year; they only have about 60 left!

I’m lucky enough to be speaking at this sold out SEO-fest and I’ll be giving a talk on “Punk Rock SEO“. Yep, that’s a thing I made up. I’ve actually wanted to give a presentation on that for a while now, so I’m very excited to finally get to do that at State of Search.

As a bit of a teaser for the main event, State of Search was kind enough to interview me about my upcoming talk, my thoughts on CRO and analytics, and the lessons I’ve learned in founding my own company. I had a ton of fun answering all of their questions and I can honestly say they were some of the best interview questions I’ve ever been asked. Way to go State of Search team!


Read the Full Interview Here


Let me know if you’re planning to be at State of Search so we can plan on connecting!

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Mike founded UpBuild in 2015 and served as its CEO for seven years, before passing the torch to Ruth Burr Reedy. Mike remains with the company today as Head of Business Operations.

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