Optimizely Recon with Google Console

Today we have a quick tip for you that will make exploring the types of Optimizely experiments a website is running a breeze.

The below script, when pasted into the developer console, will return the following information about the current Optimizely setup of the site you’re on:

  • Experiment ID
  • Experiment Name
  • Experiment URL

See the Pen Optimizely – blog post – Alex by UpBuild (@upbuild) on CodePen.

The results of this output would look like this:

Optimizely Post

Now we know the name and location of the various tests that are being run on this site.

If the site doesn’t have Optimizely installed, or there are no experiments set up, you’ll get an error.

This information can be used for a number of activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Competitive research – What kinds of experiments are your competitors running that you can leverage?
  • Sales insights – How great would it be if when you’re pitching a client your services, you can come to them with a list of experiments you know they’re running, so you can use them as talking points?
  • Industry research – Is everyone testing things that we aren’t?
  • Ideation – Stuck on the types of experiments you could be running? This might help spur some ideas.

This is just a taste of the type of data you can pull out of Optimizely through the dev console. Check out Optimizely’s documentation and community for more on mining data from the dev console.

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