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We’ve had so many GA4 requests over the last few months that we’ve decided to roll out a ‘Getting GA4 Right’ service. Our goal is to help companies set up GA4 properly, get custom tracking in place to deliver value quickly, and put together automated dashboards that organizations can use to really grow their business results and find efficiencies, often with ‘quick wins’ appearing right away. The economy is in strange shape at the moment, but — with good data — the best businesses can win.

UpBuild works with you and your team to understand your unique data needs and build an advanced analytics framework powered by GA4. We’ll ensure that you’re capturing the user metrics that matter most to your business, whether that means recreating your Universal Analytics properties or starting from scratch. Use the form at right to let us know how we can help!

Get Started With Google Analytics 4

It’s important to know that Universal Analytics stopped collecting data on July 1, 2023. If you haven’t set up Google Analytics 4 yet, we strongly recommend doing so immediately. Check out our Google Analytics 4 Setup Guide for instructions on how to create a new GA4 property and install it on your site. Missing the days of Universal Analytics? Learn how to use GA4’s Custom Reports Library to make GA4 look more like UA.

Get Ruth Burr Reedy’s Engage PDX Slides

Our CEO, Ruth Burr Reedy, spoke recently at Engage PDX in Portland, Oregon to offer some helpful tips on how to set up and customize Google Analytics 4 to make it more useful to you and your organization. To learn how to modify events, create custom reports, and more, check out Ruth’s slide deck from her presentation called “Stop Worrying and Love GA4”.

Free Looker Studio Dashboard Templates

Looker Studio allows you to create customizable reports from Google Analytics 4 and many other data sources. These reports can be easily shared and automatically stay up to date. Make a copy and connect your own data to our Looker Studio dashboard templates.

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Ask an Expert

If you’re struggling with GA4 or need help troubleshooting something specific, the UpBuild Help Desk is here to help! Sign up for a free 15-minute Zoom call with UpBuild. We’ll do our best to answer your GA4 questions and learn more about your business and analytics goals so that we can point you in the right direction.

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