Technical SEO On Your Team

Leverage our team’s deep understanding of the technical components of your website and how they affect your performance in organic search. UpBuild works closely with your developers, copywriters, and marketing team to identify areas of opportunity and provide actionable SEO recommendations for your organization.

Dedicated Time

With a maximum of four clients per Senior Marketing Specialist, you’re getting 25% of a professional SEO expert’s time and mental energy each month.

SEO Is Our Specialty

We’re not a one-stop digital shop — we do a few things very, very well. Everyone on our team has a multi-year background in deep technical SEO.

Deep Bench

Not only do our clients get a world-class SEO strategist to push their optimization forward, they also get the benefit of UpBuild's interconnected team working behind the scenes.

Technical SEO on Your Team

Our search engine optimization services focus on working with search engines and websites to find that happy medium between front-end user experience and crawlability, indexability, and semantic relevance. Those are a lot of fancy words to describe something that’s actually pretty simple: through SEO, we shape, mold, and polish your website so that it looks just as great to search engines as it does to your customers. Every SEO professional on our team has a strong background in SEO and we pride ourselves in tying the concepts of search engine optimization back to our clients’ business goals.

Any agency can run your site through an audit tool and provide you with a tool-generated list of action items. Since our Senior Marketing Strategists have a maximum of four clients, we’ve got the time to dig in to the “why” behind your site’s technical issues to provide actionable recommendations for site-wide improvements. Plus, we can help you prioritize based on what will have the most impact and speak cogently with your developer team about what needs to happen and how it can get done. The result is a slate of technical SEO recommendations you’ll actually use, and a plan you can feel confident executing against.

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Case Study: Indow

UpBuild provided Indow with a series of step-by-step recommendations that would help them optimize their page titles, metadata, blog content, homepage, landing pages, and more. Each document clearly explained how Indow could improve their organic search presence and build towards success.

“UpBuild has mastered SEO,” Sam smiles. “They steered us to the actions that would generate the biggest impact on our search results, and they helped us attack all of our technical issues in a systematic way.”

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What Do You Get?

Although all of our SEO services are customized to fit our clients’ needs and goals, here are some things a typical SEO engagement plan with UpBuild might include:

  • Technical SEO Audit & Action Plan
  • Keyword Research, Targeting, & Mapping
  • Optimized Metadata
  • On-Page Content Optimization
  • Page Experience Deep Dive
  • Semantic SEO Strategy
  • Featured Snippet & Long-Tail Keyword Strategy
  • Internal Linking Strategy
  • Content Calendar & Optimization Workflow
  • Authority Building Strategy

Optimization Is in Our DNA

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