Offices & Location

UpBuild was founded in Portland, Oregon, in 2015, yet we’ve never considered ourselves a Portland SEO and optimization agency. We’re an Internet-based company in every sense of the word. We’re a fully-distributed remote company, meaning that everyone here works from wherever they work best — whether that’s a home office, a rotation of coffee shops, a co-working space, the beach, or their kitchen. Most of the time, it’s some combination of two or more of these.

At UpBuild, our mission is to bring together the best technical marketers in the world regardless of where they live. We have team members in every US time zone, and there may soon come a day when we get to say we have people in every time zone in the world (well, we probably won’t hire on Lord Howe Island at UTC+10:30, but you never know).

Our Office Is the Internet.

Our team is located on the Internet. All our meetings are virtual. We can work from any location because our location is irrelevant. We’re digital natives in the true sense of the word.

This virtual conference room is the closest thing we have to an office.

UpBuild’s Twice-Weekly Team Meeting

Being an internet-based company carries with it a lot of advantages, not the least of which is that our heads are exactly where your potential customers’ heads are: on the Internet.

Consider how ironic it is that most online marketing companies go to such lengths to get all their digital marketing strategists into a brick-and-mortar office to develop online strategies. Seems a bit archaic, doesn’t it?

We get it. Some folks like their agencies to be housed in big offices in bustling business districts, to have gorgeous fishbowl conference rooms, or to use a synergy-creating, open-office floor plan (related: Open-Plan Offices Kill Productivity, According to Science). Some people want that, and fortunately, there are plenty of agencies out there that can deliver on that desire.

That’s just not us. We’ll choose to keep our focus on doing cutting-edge work for great organizations rather than maintaining impressive offices and using time-at-desk as a performance review KPI. We’ll save the $30+ per square foot in office space and allocate that to supporting our amazing team so they can do better work in sustainable conditions for clients they’re proud to be partnered with.

After all, that’s why UpBuild exists — to connect great organizations with the best, most well-supported team of technical marketers in the world.

Our Fake Office

If you want to mail us something, we do have an address. It’s a real address, but it’s not a real office. It’s part of a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency. Since the vision of UpBuild includes allowing our whole team to be location-independent, we didn’t want our ability to receive mail to be inextricably linked to a single person’s home address. Instead, Traveling Mailbox scans our incoming mail and helps us route it appropriately.

Our mailing address is:

UpBuild, LLC
818 SW 3rd Ave #221-1122
Portland, OR 97204-2405

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