Our Discovery Process

Here on the web, moving quickly can be critical. However, it’s just as important that we take the time to ensure that there’s a great mutual fit, especially since our goal is to become an extension of your internal team. We pride ourselves on being intentional and deliberate in our client discovery process; we like to call it “discovery” because it’s much less about selling you something and much more about discovering if we’re the SEO agency that’s best equipped to help you get where you need to go.

Our new client discovery process can take anywhere from 2–3 weeks, but every day spent here pays dividends further down the road.

Here’s a basic chronology of what our process and timeline look like:

  1. 15-Minute Initial Discovery Call (within 2 business days)
    After you fill out the contact form on our site, we’ll reach out to set up a time to chat with you. We’ll use this time to pick your brain to get a better sense of your digital marketing needs.
  1. 30-Minute to 1-Hour Discovery Call (1 week)
    If we mutually think we’re on the verge of building something great together, we’ll schedule another call to bring in our CEO and Strategy Lead. We’ll go much deeper than our initial call and ask you questions that will seek to lay the groundwork for our potential work together. We’ll also tell you all about UpBuild and how we work and answer any and all questions you have.
  1. Team Vote (3 days)
    When you engage with UpBuild, you have our guarantee that the team working on your account is going to be excited about it. We can assure you of that because we vote on every client. We allow each team member to weigh in anonymously on Effectiveness (can we get great results?), Alignment (can we honor our values while doing the work?), and Interest (are we intrigued by the subject matter?). If we see a great fit across all three, we know we can do some really exceptional work together.
  1. Optimization Discovery (3 days)
    We’ll spend a week exploring your website and building out a custom engagement plan for you. We’re not going to try to get you to buy our “Platinum SEO Package” because we don’t have one. At the same time, we’re not going to pitch an engagement that we think is too small to be effective, just in the name of undercutting our competitors. We customize every engagement plan to your site and your needs.
  1. Proposal & Pricing (2 days)
    We’ll build out a formal proposal for you and determine engagement pricing based on our recommended plan. For a general feel for our pricing, explore our Pricing page.
  1. Proposal Review & Feedback (3 days)
    We consider every proposal that goes out to be a V1, and we want to hear your feedback. Based on your thoughts, we can tweak the proposal and/or plan as needed until everything feels well aligned.
  1. Mutual Acceptance (1 day)
    Sign on the dotted line — we keep paper use to a minimum, and you can do this all online. Once mutually accepted, we’ll give you a PDF copy of the proposal, get you configured in our systems, and send out the first invoice.
  1. Kickoff Scheduling (1 day): We’ll schedule a formal kickoff so we can introduce you to your UpBuild team. This is when the fun begins!

By the end of this process, we’ll already have some in-depth insights about your site — and you’ll have an in-depth picture of what it’s like to work with us, so we can hit the ground running from that first kickoff call. While we’re on this journey together, feel free to get to know us better by checking out our blog or perusing some Case Studies for businesses we’ve been proud to serve.

Ready to begin?