Rates & Pricing

At UpBuild, it’s our goal to become an integrated part of your team, almost like we were working for you in-house. To really move the needle when it comes to traffic and revenue from organic search requires the time to fully immerse ourselves in our clients’ business and do deep, focused work — the kind of work that’s just not possible in a handful of hours per month.

While plenty of agencies will be happy to sell you a cookie-cutter SEO audit or a “maintenance mode” project of just a report and a few hours of work per month, our goal is to foster meaningful and effective marketing partnerships for the best possible ROI.

“UpBuild has built an incredible team who takes the utmost care to their work. I especially appreciated how easy it was to communicate with them (Slack is the best) on any issues or questions I had, no matter how big or small. They exceeded my expectations with all deliverables and I hope to have the chance to work with them again.”

Morganne Hatfield
Demand Generation Manager, inDinero

Our options for engagement are a reflection of this goal. Actual pricing and scope will be customized to your needs and timelines — learn more on our Work With Us page.

Pricing “Packages”

Note that the three “packages” below are illustrative and are not predefined options that we shoehorn clients into. They do, however, represent common levels of scope and should give you a sense of what we’re looking at.

Standard Engagement

$7,000-$9,900 / month

  • 35-45 hours per month
  • 25% of your consultant’s mental energy
  • Led by a senior team member and their support team
  • Equally focused on strategic consulting and deliverables/execution
  • Ideal for sites looking to improve organic traffic and digital marketing performance across the board
  • 3-month minimum

Lite Engagement

$6,000 – $7,000 / month

  • 30-35 hours per month
  • A significant portion of your consultant’s time
  • Led by a senior team member
  • Primarily focused on a specific set of deliverables and initiatives, with light strategic consulting
  • Ideal for smaller sites or for SEO projects with a narrow, specific focus and scope
  • 3-month minimum

Non-Senior Engagement

$6,000-$8,000 / month

  • 35-45 hours per month
  • 25% of your consultant’s mental energy
  • Led by a Technical Marketing Strategist. Not quite senior (they’ll have 3-5 years of experience), but they’ll be supported by the senior team
  • Perfect for sites that need solid SEO but don’t require the heavy artillery of a seasoned SEO veteran
  • Equally focused on strategic consulting and deliverables/execution
  • 3-month minimum

UpBuild Ad Hoc

Varies by project

  • Typically we prefer a monthly consulting engagement so that we can focus intensely on you and your business, but some organizations’ digital optimization needs don’t match that structure
  • Our ad hoc offerings are primarily focused on the delivery of a defined project or set of deliverables, rather than on a monthly commitment
  • Ideal for organizations who have their own in-house digital marketing teams or preferred partners but who nonetheless have highly advanced and technical SEO and analytics needs that require high-powered expertise

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Available Discounts

UpBuild doesn’t compete on price, which means we’re unable to adjust our pricing to match or be closer to what another agency may have quoted for the same work. That said, if we’re excited to work with you, we’ll do everything we can to make that happen at a price point that works for both teams. There are a couple of levers we commonly pull to work within limited budgets that we might otherwise exceed:

  • Culture Alignment: By now you’ve probably learned that we vote on every client (we talk about it a lot). If the team gives you high scores across the board, we’ll offer a discount to honor that clear alignment.
  • Scope Adjustments: Not a discount per se, but if our initial Engagement Plan will break the bank for you, just let us know — we always start by proposing the work that we think will drive the most value, but we’re always open to discussing what’s possible while staying within a given budget. 

Got more questions about our pricing and engagement structure? Ready to hear what UpBuild can do for you?